Station 38 Redux

I’ve recently revisited Station 38 and made some changes based on user feedback and some in-game metrics. The game tracks your progress and has a zone selector, so you don’t have to beat it all in a single sitting. I’ve also evened out the difficulty ramp hopefully, so if you had trouble with the game before, give it another try. Finally, there’s an extra reward for people who complete the game!

I’ve put it up on Newgrounds and Kongregate to get some feedback and data for the in-game metrics.

One Response to “Station 38 Redux”

  1. StanR says:

    Really loved the game. Zone 37 was a royal pain to beat without getting hurt–I swear it took me almost as long as perfecting all the other levels combined. The only other levels I had a fair bit of trouble with were zone 33 and zone 36. Overall the learning curve felt about right. Glad there weren’t any moving hazards. Also, the music was a perfect match.

    I didn’t like the “perfect” ending. I had hoped it would be something like zapping the LOLputer, then using it to reactivate the pile of probes so they could go back on duty. Something at least a little happy. I had initially expected I might need to ram computer’s face with the probe… afterall, that seems to be how the probe interacts with the world. I could even see having three endings: perfect all-master, hurt on 38 but 1-37 mastered, and the “normal” ending.

    Nonetheless, great little game.

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