Fun With Perlin Noise

Here’s an experiment with Perlin noise. You might have to click in the window to get the keyboard controls to work:

To get a full range of pixel values out of the noise, I ended up implementing a histogram and with a value-stretch algorithm. I also implemented something like Photoshop’s Gradient Map function so I could map the greyscale values to a 2-color gradient. Finally, I used Flixel to visualize the bitmap as 3D terrain. Each floating square gets its color, size, opacity, and depth from a single pixel from the small image in the upper right corner. If you want to see a little more of whats under the hood, hit spacebar to toggle the detailed information display.

One Response to “Fun With Perlin Noise”

  1. UPDATE YOUR SITE. Seriously though, this is pretty cool! Gave me bizarre illusions of a topdown RTS with freaky units running around through the transparent terrain. Is this what inspiration feels like?

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